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The firearm industry is one of the most highly regulated and complex of all industries. As an attorney in either civil or criminal cases, you will often be faced with a matrix of subjects that goes beyond the simple mechanical operation of a firearm or the operation of a shooting facility.

A client in a capital murder case steadfastly claimed he did not pull the trigger, but instead the gun must have malfunctioned and discharged of its own accord, a claim that was dismissed out-of-hand. We were able to show how an accidental discharge could have happened based upon an interacting matrix of firearm design, mechanics and physiology.

For another client, due to the limitations of bringing a live firearm in the courtroom, we made a video demonstrating how his handgun operates and why the gun was not able to be fired despite the presence of a loaded magazine.

Elements that often impact firearm related litigation include the use of force continuum, industry standard safety practices, the physiological elements associated with firearm operation, mechanical functionality, education and training standards or best practices and firearm specific mechanics.

Shooting range related issues can include best practices, standard operating procedures, environmental concerns and lead mitigation, range design and maintenance and security.

One of the most critical elements of firearm related cases is they often have a strong emotional element built on a foundation of misinformation. While finding a qualified, experienced subject matter expert is critical to the outcome of your case, it is equally important that the testimony not only informs the court of the facts surrounding the issues, but that it does so in an even, thoughtful manner to counteract the emotional element.

SaferUSA - consulting group

SAFER USA Consulting Group has brought together a diverse group of industry experts with a cumulative total of over 150 years’ experience. Seasoned professionals with broad based experience within the industry who are capable of diagnosing and explaining in simple, easy-to-understand language the principle points to aid and assist you as either a plaintiff or defense attorney.

In addition, SAFER USA Consulting Group can write, executive produce, and provide on camera experts for professional quality instructional videos to support your efforts when it is impractical or impossible to give a live demonstration in the courtroom or go on location.

An attorney, whether defending or prosecuting a case involving the use of firearms, can rely upon SAFER USA’s team of experts to cover virtually all of the complex issues they may encounter.

Equally important, our team of experts have the contacts and resources to secure virtually any information that may be needed to aid the prosecutor or the defense attorney in the handling of their case.

Please contact us for a free telephone consultation to discuss how we can support you and your client.

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